Employees can anonymously file whistleblower complaints and complete surveys about the company and management....     

Investment professionals can view reports to gain confidence and trust in public & private companies...     

zEthics actively engages employees as an independent 3rd party to help corporations and investment companies sustain an ethical corporate culture and improve performance.    

Assess the organizational culture to improve performance, effectiveness and efficiencies....     

  The $300,000 Challenge
The Dodd-Frank Act allows the SEC to compensate employees up to $300,000 for every $1 Million it levies in sanctions.
  Investor Due Diligence
Investment professionals can actively engage companies to improve transparency, shareowner rights and board accountability.
  Cohesive & Aligned Culture
Rapidly deploy diagnostic tools to measure and monitor organizational culture excellence.
  Transparency Initiative
Hire only those investment managers with the highest ethical and moral standards.
The mere existence of a Code of Conduct, Ethics Code, or similar, is no longer enough to demonstrate to organizational stakeholders that an ethical corporate culture exists or is effective. Sustained ethical corporate culture can be achieved with a continual and systemized process to monitor, evaluate, and internally adjudicate those who engage in risk behavior that does not confirm to the defined risk appetite and risk tolerance of the organization. Boards and Directors must identify, quantify, and mitigate cultural risk and play an active role in accepting or rejecting individual or group behaviors. With respect to stakeholders relations, Boards and Directors must also consider how to substantiate their commitment to an ethical corporate culture by disclosing the method of measure and findings, and how results compare with other companies within their industry.

Value Proposition - Subscription Pricing
Only $1,000 / month for up to 1,000 employees
Only $2,500 / month for up to 25,000 employees
Only $5,000 / month with 25,000 or more employees